Candice arseneau

energy reader, facilitator for healing & working WItch


Welcome!  My name is Candice Areaneau and whatever has brought you here thank you!  I run a small spiritual  business based strongly on connecting ethically to your energy (only with your permission) where I help to clarify any insight your guides, past loved ones, or highest most benevolent beings around you want to share with.   As I move further and further into who I am as a reader I find I am less drawn to mediumship and more drawn to simply communicating what comes through for the highest and best possible purpose.  This does not mean spirits don’t come through strongly wanting to communicate, because they do, it just means it is not the central focus of my readings.

Know that I communicate what your team has to say to you in many different ways and what calls out to you loudest should always be the one you chose!  This could be through my in person Energy Healing sessions (all COVID-19 procedures must be followed); it could be through my virtual Energy Healing Reads (virtual); or my custom Energy Alignment Tools that come with a full write up and typed up mini read.  Whatever reason has brought you here just know I feel blessed and honoured you chose me and trust me with your energy, that is something very sacred to me and not to be taken lightly.  Click the below “BOOK” button to get started!

For the most up to date virtual events, available Energy Alignment Tools, and insights follow me at Instagram.