Most frequent questions and answers

I can understand why this would be confusing for sure, but for me energy is energy.  We each have a vibration or aura around us, and whether you are sitting right in front of me or if I am tapping in remotely to your energy field I am still able to communicate with your past loved ones and get information from your energy field.

Sure, I am pretty flexible on this, however, please know that if someone else is present in your reading I will get information on them as well as you – this is unavoidable and any time spent on your friend will come out of our time together.  I do my best to keep the focus just on you, but if your friend is going through something that their guides feel they need to speak on, or if their past loved ones are simply loud it is somewhat unavoidable.

Absolutely! I actually encourage you to do so as I can almost guarantee you will forget most of the details of our session, I always forget my readings. I also get future information at times that can take time to come to fruition, so it is nice for you to have something to play back and reflect on in the future.  I use an amazing app called “Voice Recorder.”

I actually tap into your energy with your permission and communicate with your guides on what energy is needed for you at this time and what crystals would help with this (see question one for how this works).  I start out by asking what colours you love and don’t love first though because it is important that I don’t create something you will not want to wear – although sometimes the message behind creating something you are adverse to can be extremely powerful.

No.  I do offer group readings in my home, but I no longer travel to anyone else’s home.

Not at this time. 

Usually all hard information comes from empathy and if spirit choses to share, it is for the best and highest good, however I usually stay way from the three D’s:  Death, Disease, and Divorce.  Death because we all have free will and because I do not feel it serves in our best and highest good to know when someone will die.  I also believe we go when we are ready and that predicting this is wasted energy. Disease –  because I am not a medical medium. I do get information on energy points in the body I feel need to be checked out or feel imbalanced, but I am not a doctor and will usually give you the area I am picking up the imbalance in and advise you to see your chosen practitioner.  Divorce is something I will discuss only if you are already in this energy and are asking me to break this rule.  For this I say, if you want me to break this rule you need to tell me, otherwise I am going to communicate what spirit feels needs or be worked on so you can succeed as a couple.  NOTE:  I break this rule without your permission if I feel you are in a dangerous situation.

It is not ethical for me to read for anyone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts and I simply do not feel it is safe for you or me to provide spiritual council when you are so vulnerable.  If you are feeling like you may hurt yourself please reach out to your local emergency help number or call 1-833-456-4566 if in Canada.

Psychic is information from your energy field (inside the body), mediumship is information from your past loved ones (outside the body).  I use both in all my readings.