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energy healing sessions / readings

PLEASE NOTE:  It is my personal belief that it is not ethical to predict the end of anything opting instead to communicate the energy around a person/situation leaving free will in your hands to act in whatever way you feel is best.  It is for this reason I do not predict death, disease, or divorce.  I am not a spiritual advisor of any kind and will always insist you act of your own free will.  I break this rule only if I feel you are in danger.

My Energy Readings are 30 or 60 minutes in length and are virtual only, recorded on zoom and emailed to you after our session. I use a combination of tarot cards, and archangels to connect to what is going on in and around you.  Everyone’s reading style is different, but for me I always communicate what is for the best and highest good.   I encourage questions and like to lead with questions to ensure I am feeling your energy accurately.  I am a full believer in making your reading last and encourage you to re-watching and look for things you may have missed the first time.  I do offer a 30 minute session if you just have a few questions or need me to tap into one area.  Please be mindful to book the full session if you know you will need more than 30 minutes.  Note, this is not a mediumship reading, and I do not offer those anymore.  These are an overall reading of what I pick up in and around your energy.  They are full of amazing information, and simply what I am meant to be doing.  If you are looking specifically to connect with past loved one I suggest booking with a medium. Thank you!   

NOTE:  IF YOU DON’T SEE THE AVAILABILITY OR TIME YOU NEED SIMPLY EMAIL ME.  I CAN USUALLY ACCOMMODATE CUSTOM SESSIONS.                                                                                        

60 Minute Virtual Energy Reading:  $188 +HST = $212 

30 Minute Energy Reading:  $125 +HST = $141

Email Reading

My email readings are an amazing option for those who cannot make it in person and like to reflect in private and alone with what spirit has for them.  They all come with a 45 minute audio file sent via email that you can replay as much as you want.


3 Card Tarot Spread With Audio File $150 +HST = 169.50 

in-person Energy Healing & Reading

My Energy Healing sessions are a combination of 30 minutes of Energy Healing, followed by a 45 minute reading where I communicate all things found in your physical and energetic body.  This is NOT a mediumship reading.  Our energy field can hold and collect information as we move through life, yes some is psychic future information, but it is so much more than that.  The future is ever changing and I have found information that resides in our body so much more helpful for us to be made aware of so we can move forward armed with information that helps us to truly heal ourselves.  My hope for these sessions is that you leave feeling empowered to heal yourself, and that I have given you guidance on where to start.  These sessions can be a very powerful start, or continued act of care for you to truly dive deeper.  Although I feel very blessed to be a part of your journey I feel happiest when I am teaching people how to stand in their own power so that these sessions feel more like a tune up for you. In these sessions I connect to what I picked up from your past loved ones and/or guides present during the healing session in combination with what I have picked up from your energy field.                                

I also offer a mini version of this referred to as “Energy Healing Tune-up” that is 30 minutes of Energy Healing and a 15 minute read and recap of what I pick up in your energy field, however I highly recommend using this as just that, a tune-up, and I do not recommend this as your first session with me. 


Energy Healing & Reading session 1 hour 15 minutes$188 +HST = 212.44

Energy Healing Tune-up 45 minutes$125 +HST = $141.25

Group booking

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Each reading in a group is approximately 15 minutes long and you are welcome to record your reading (if on zoom I can also record if requested).  The price accounts for the group setting and atmosphere that comes along with group readings, meaning you benefit from others’ messages and the energetic exchange it takes to facilitate group readings.                                                                                          

4 or less people Psychic-Mediumship Reading:  $80.00 +HST = $90.40 per person

5-10 people Psychic-Mediumship Reading: $65.00 +HST = $73.45 per person

Book Me For Your Event

PLEASE NOTE:  All events must meet government standards for COVID-19 and everyone must be socially distanced and/or masked. Thank you!

To book me for your event, either as a public speaker, or to be an onsite reader please reach out to me directly.  I have listed my pricing below.  For my 2-hour public speaking pricing this would be to talk about anything from tarot, to spirit guides, to simply how to connect to our own abilities and would not include readings of any kind.  For readings please see the “Group Bookings” tab or to customise your event please contact me directly.

1 Hour Public Speaking appearance:   $200.00 +HST = $226.00


PLEASE NOTE:  I cannot control what spirit communicates to me I am simply the messenger.  30 minutes of reading is like running around a football field 4 times.  It takes time effort and care and regardless of the messages that come through I have a no refunds policy.  Thank you for understanding.  Should I feel our energies are not a match I have the right to refuse service.  Energy is important to me so I can provide the most heart felt, ethical read possible.  This is for entertainment purposes and should never replace counselling, medical, financial and legal advice of any kind!