Energy Alignment Tool

What is an Energy Alignment Tool? 

When I started working with gemstones early on in my battle with anxiety disorder and manic depression I have to admit I was a bit sceptical.  I had always been a lover of rocks but I wondered if these magical gems of the Earth could actually help me beyond their aesthetic.  I was blown away by how different pieces could make me feel so grounded, ease anxieties, and help me to tap into energetic themes that existed in me and in those who surround me.  I started by carrying crystals in my bra, pocket, car, purse, etc., but I would always end up loosing pieces.  I stumbled on the mala by word of a friend and started researching and studying its purpose and properties.  The more I looked into what existed in the mala I realized this was not what I had in mind.  Mala’s were created in Buddhist tradition with the intent to have a tool to meditate with using a mantra and 108 wooden beads.  Firstly, I don’t always use 108 beads.  I am a huge believer in numerology and I always create with numbers based on where I feel there may be themes in your life.  

I create with gemstones that emit energy to aid and assist you on your healing journey.  I sit in quiet contemplation and connecting to your aura, guides, and past loved ones (with your permission and authorization only) and create based on what feels most needed for your journey at this present time.  I always start by asking what colours you love and don’t love, yes, because I want you to love your piece, but also every colour has a spiritual meaning and what you are drawn to can be a real indication of where healing is needed.

I love to create your Custom Energy Alignment Tools, yes, but I also love diving deep into your write-ups so that I can connect to all the parts of you and themes that show up gifted to me from your spirit team to help you feel seen, understood and unconditionally loved.  Handing over your trust to me is something I do not take lightly.  I wholeheartedly feel your trust, your love, and feel truly honoured to be able to invent based on your spiritual and emotional needs.  I am a psychic-medium, and yes my abilities help, but it is my true belief the greatest gift I can give you is the belief you are not alone and that magic is real.  I believe in the healing ability of crystals and the intention we infuse into them.  Thank you for putting your faith in me and allowing me to create for you.  I truly hope this tool becomes a part of your life and life’s journey that helps you in ways unexplainable.  Love Candice Arseneau

What can you expect with your Energy Alignment Tool?

Each piece is handcrafted with high quality gemstones and each end piece is done by one of my ethically sourced local artists. Ethics is one of my core values, which is also reflected in the cost of each tool so I can pay my vendors fairly. Each piece comes with a 10+-page workbook that includes the following:

  • A typed personalized reading
  • A spell
  • An oracle spread
  • The numerology of your piece
  • Colour magic and meaning
  • ETC…
  • Full Energy Alignment Tools©……… $303

    Mini Energy Alignment Tools© ……..$213

DISCLAIMER: An Energy Alignment Tool does not act as a cure all for any medical ailments, and any struggles that persist energetically, spiritually or mentally should always be consulted with your chosen health practitioner. I believe wholeheartedly with their magic, but I am also pro-science and believe the best healing takes place when we marry the best of both science and spiritual worlds. I am also in no way suggesting you need any tools to be magical, think of an Energy Alignment Tool as a cherry on the top of your sundae, and not the whole sundae!

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For pictures of my work and available products please check out both my Instagram page or email me directly for a custom piece.  Know that pieces created in advance are made in advance with a vision from spirit for someone who they know needs it, so if you see one and swear it was made for you IT WAS!  Spirit is really spooky that way!